Because of our contacts, involvement and success within a specific geographic region, we began receiving ever-increasing requests for help from people in other parts of the world. Many could not afford medical treatment and education, while others needed the basics of food and shelter. Overwhelmed by the many needs, overcome with compassion and the realization that we did not have the resources, we launched HELP-the-NEEDY Inc. - a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization.


Our goal is to: Help Improve the Living Conditions, Alleviate Suffering, and Educate the Poor to become self-sufficient, self-fulfilled and helpful members of their communities. 

HELP-the-NEEDY is committed to:

Provide educational opportunities and promote self-reliance.

Alleviate suffering of the underprivileged and victims of disaster.

Improving the socioeconomic conditions of impoverished people.

Alleviate suffering of the poor through medical assistance where needed and possible.

HELP-the-NEEDY’s passion is best summarized by our slogan:

“Turning faces of sadness into faces of gladness”


HELP-the-NEEDY is a 501(C)(3), non-profit organization EIN # 26-3039526