Grace was born handicapped.  Her right arm is a "stump" and her right leg is small and 8 inches shorter than the left, and with only three toes. Grace had a very difficult time growing up because of how she looks.

   When Grace was just a child, she used to look at the mirror and wondered why she didn't have a right hand like everyone else.  She used to ask herself, “What did I do so bad to deserve being born like this?” She didn't have any friends, even in school. She was shunned by people.  She was never invited to parties or functions.

   Grace was practically hidden as a child.  When guests came to her home to visit, she was told to stay in her room, or to cover her stump.  As a child, Grace couldn't do any menial jobs like buttoning her dress or taking off a candy wrapper.  She felt so sorry for herself, especially when kids made fun of her, for their taunting hurt.

        Grace wears a platform orthopedic shoe on her right foot so she could walk and not limp.  She wears pants or a long skirt to hide her short, ugly leg. 

 For a long time, Grace didn't have any self-confidence and her self-esteem was very low.  She used to (and sometimes still does) cry herself to sleep.  She said, “If not for God sustaining me, I would have never made it this far.”

   But in spite of all of these, Grace finished college with a degree in Psychology.  She learned to be independent and be able to take care of herself.  Today she can almost do anything like a normal person with two hands.  She no longer feels sorry for herself, for she believes that God does not create "JUNK.”

One great thing that God gave Grace is a gift to play the piano.  Grace would watch her aunt play the piano when she was only 3 or 4 years old.  Grace would put her fingers on the piano keys and wished she, too, could play like her aunt.  Her Grandma saw Grace’s interest and found a piano teacher for her.  But the first three piano teachers her Grandma approached didn't want to teach a one-handed student.  But her Grandma told them to teach Grace in one hand and she'd pay for two, and the fourth teacher took her.  She was five years old when she had her first piano lessons. 

Grace practiced for four hours everyday after school.  It didn’t take long until she realized she could also play with her stump.  Before long, playing the piano became the outlet to all her sadness.  Sometimes her back and her stump would hurt when she plays but she likes to inspire people through her music, and playing the piano has become her passion. 


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